Drinking and Goblins

Episode 11: Getting there is Half the Fun

Advancement Notes:
Everyone Gained 628xp due to calendar issues

Additional Role-play Award Bonuses
Sarius Received the most Votes (+100 xp)

Current Available Gold: 157
Most has been spent on healing potions. All the wealth is in gold pieces.

Current XP Total and Level:
Luusi: 6539, Level 5
Sarius: 5891, Level 5*
Storm: 5088, Level 4
Enna: 4765, Level 4
Wynter: 4554, Level 4
Kora: 4160, Level 4*
Quill: 2928, Level 3

The (*) indicates that you have gone up a level. Please update your character accordingly.

None found. Sarius had an opportunity to field strip a robes +1 off a dead comrade, but instead, like a gentleman, let the dead remain undisturbed. No haunting dreams for him.

Achievements unlocked:
Blingdenstone: The adventures have made the grueling march to Blingdenstone to render aid.
Trusting: The characters operate in a dark and scary world and there are those that might not tell the truth. Use of the insight skill can help tell a lie from fact.
New Monsters: The party met and defeated their first band of orcs, a mimic, and a squad of drugar (kicking them out counts as a win).

Adventure Notes:
Enna had visions about Blingdenstone.
Sarius had recently attended a wizard-ing conference, he now “understands” magic missile.
Luusi attempted to talk to the city watch, but after receiving thanks for all of the previous adventures, she starred at the officers and slowly walked away.
The party met with two gnomish merchants, who hired them to guard a convoy all the way to Blingdenstone.
Sarius burnt a bagel and nonchalantly attempted to scrape off the burned section.
The party stopped by KEVEN’S HEALTH POTION IMPORIUM to purchase wares for adventure ahead.
Before leaving both Enna and Luusi danced through the center of Waterdeep. They drew mild applause.
Upon leaving out the west gate, the crew met Clyde Moltenquartz, and another adventuring group, the Fiery Kings.
The Fiery Kings consist of Alrich, Behana, Thohorn, and Ravahana.
There was marching. So much marching.
Ravahana can’t talk, but why?
3 hours from their destination, the group came across a downed tree that blocked their path forward.
Clyde ordered Enna and Ravahana to scout around the convoy. While scouting, they happened upon a giant creature.
Using her powerful skills, Enna managed to dispatch of the beast.
Ravahana sliced off the creatures head and carried it back to Clyde. Clyde identified the beast as an Orc.
Enna healed Ravahana.
The convoy was able to set up a defensive position, and prepare for the orc assault. The party was able dispatch of most of the orcs, however, Alrich, Behana, 2 dwarves, and Thohorn died.
The convoy went underground through a giant elevator
While scanning the elevator shaft, Luusi spied a penis that was carved in to the rock.
On the final leg of the journey, a long abandoned tower was found to be… not so abandoned. Clyde sent the party out for a look.
Despite several attempts at trickery, the party was unable to get the Drugar to leave outright, the party had to figure out what was eating the Drugar.
Sarius first noticed that there were little shoes next to the suit of armor. Inside the shoes were little Drugar feet.
The party faced off against a classic D&D Monster called a Mimic, and still managed to win.
The monster dispatched, the Drugar left, and the party completed its journey to Blingdenstone.

And Luusi found a soup pot.


KennethSturgis KennethSturgis

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