Drinking and Goblins

Episode 12: Blinging-in-Blingdenstone

Advancement Notes:
Everyone Active player gained 443xp from Orcs, defeating the Elemental, and the occasional bit of roleplaying. Yes. In this universe, mere talking can advance your character.

Additional Role-play Award Bonuses:
No votes were received for role-play bonus awards

Current Available Gold: 205
All the wealth is in gold pieces. Since you completed the escort (but forgot to mention the status of Blingdenstone) you are currently owed 200gp (instead of 400gp) from the gnomes in Waterdeep, several days away. Hope they decide to pay it promptly.

Current XP Total and Level:
Luusi: 6982, Level 5
Sarius: 6162, Level 5
Storm: 5531, Level 5*
Enna: 5208, Level 4
Wynter: 4997, Level 4
Kora: 4603, Level 4
Quill: 2928, Level 3

The (*) indicates that you have gone up a level. Please update your character accordingly.

None found. (But you guys are getting close!)

Achievements unlocked:
Defeating the Elemental: The dwarves of Blingdenstone rest slightly easier now that the evil elemental has been defeated. (Dwarf Morale +2)
Pechs have a home: The wispy creatures and the dwarves have decided to tolerate each other… hope the peace lasts. (Dwarf Morale +1)
You’re not all bad: The adventurers decided to help and stay, even without the promise of payment. Maybe light can be restored to the world after all.
Living World: The dwarves are pretty hard up. If morale drops too far the dwarves will abandon Blingdenstone, leaving you to fight the darkness on your own. Orcs might have a “morale” as well, as much as those creatures could.

Adventure Notes:
Before going in to the main section of Blingdenstone, the adventures passed by a broken magic store where they spied an old lady Henkala
The adventurers met with the Burrow Warden, Kargien Dissengulp. Who suggested he get the crown from “House Center”. Because, you know, it would be good for all the dwarves. Not just Kargien, who would get to keep it.
Wynter and or Storm dismissed/insulted the Dwarven guards (Dwarf Morale -1)
After meeting with Kargien the party moved and met Henkala in the Phantasmal Glimmers.
An old lady by trade, Henkala offered advice on dealing with the elemental, and the crown.
IF the adventurers defeat the elemental, they would earn her admiration. But what is THAT worth? (Money? Maybe we should go talk to her, but if she had money why would she be in a dumpy building)
There was more talking walking around. Discussions with the Pechs and Kargien.
Kora sent her cat to go look at “House Center” and discussed it with the dwarves manning the barricade. No one goes in or out of “House Center” not even the orcs.
There was so much talking and so little fighting that Enna (silently) considered using a Dwarf (or Sarius) for target practice.
Enna remembered she was good and slowly unloaded her bow. No deaths. THIS TIME.
The party eventually accepted the help of the Pechs, and escorted them to the cave of the elemental.
On the way there, the party ambushed an Orc raiding party. Only 50 some more to go.
After hacking the Orcs to pieces the party continued forward to the “Hall of Miners”.
The Pechs formed a shield around the adventures.
A giant creature formed out of the dust and rocks in the room. Gravel begins flying around the room. If it wasn’t for the protective ward, the adventures would have been doomed.
“So… in order to attack this creature with my sword, I would have to step outside the ward?” Storm asked. “It appears so” the universe said, checking its notes. Storm sighed a terrible sigh, lifted his shield to protect his face, and leapt outside the ward to attack.
Storm was pelted by flying rocks, but managed to survive.
Midway through the battle, two bugbears and a mysterious dark figure appeared. The figure started shooting arrows at the ward while the bugbears charged in on Luusi.
Luusi was bashed twice and crumpled to the ground, barely clinging to life.
12.7-Luusi Died
Wynter leapt back and fed a health potion to Lussi.
The elemental was slain, the bugbears defeated, and the mysterious dark figure faded into the darkness.


An excellent summary, though it rather glossed over the exquisitely and intricately crafted attack strategy devised for the camping orcs. Which was quickly abandoned for running and stabbing and whatnot.

KennethSturgis KennethSturgis

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