Drinking and Goblins

Episode 14: Death on a Stick

Advancement Notes:
Everyone Active player gained 811xp from zombies, fire beetles, exploding skeletons, traps, innovative thinking, and the occasional bit of role playing. Sarius lost 100xp to death.

Current Available Gold: 564
All the wealth is in gold pieces, opals, and an amethyst. Since you completed the escort you are currently owed 200gp from the gnomes in Waterdeep, still several days away. Hope they decide to pay it promptly.

Current XP Total and Level:
Luusi: 7693, Level 6*
Sarius: 6973, Level 5
Storm: 5531, Level 5
Kora: 5501, Level 5*
Enna: 5208, Level 4
Wynter: 4997, Level 4
Aramil: 4561, Level 4
Quill: 2928, Level 3

The (*) indicates that you have gone up a level. Please update your character accordingly.

+2 Bastard Sword of Frost – Currently Unclaimed
Critical: +1d6 cold damage per plus
Power (At-Will Cold): Free Action. All damage dealt by this weapon is cold damage. Another free action returns the damage to normal.
Power (Daily Cold): Free Action. Use this power when you hit with the weapon. The target takes an extra 1d8 cold damage and is slowed until the end of your next turn.

Achievements unlocked:
Someone Died: The heroes experienced death first hand, Henkala does not have the ability to raise another. Most healing spells are a minor action, so you can move heal and then attack. Useful information for the future. For the rest of the campaign, death will be a bit more permanent.
Long live the Queen: The party acquired the crown from the undead wraith in House Center. Now, what to do with it? [+2 Dwarven Morale]
Cats and counting: Cats can’t count.

Adventure Notes:
Welcome to Aramil. No poisonings so far, so best of luck!
Aramil has a history, and he is here because he heard that the Drow were acting to stop the reconstruction of Blingdenstone.
The heroes followed the Dark figure through a series of wandering twisty passages. Several party members were able to track the figure’s foot prints.
The passages led to house center, and the footprints were lost on the stone pathway leading in to the former keep.
“What could possibly go wrong?” stated Kora dryly as she sensed necrotic magic leading up to the temple.
At that moment, 4 giant dead eyed Orcs shambled out of the shadows and moved in on the group.
With a sly flourish, Luusi continued to shoot arrows as the closest zombie orc.
Kora and Aramil held the front, and noticed that these creatures slowly froze any hero that got close. Aramil eventually grabbed Kora and teleported away from the frozen zombies.
Aramil spent an inordinate amount of time describing how the teleportation felt pleasant.
The zombies contained an opal each. Small opals are worth 25gp.
After searching the zombies, Kora sent the Johannes-the-cat in the entryway to investigate. The cat returned and reported that there were more than one and less than one hundred creatures in the door way.
The party easily dispatched the beetles in the entry way. Everyone found out that beetle fire glands can be used as torches. One of those neat things held over from older D&D versions. Luusi got covered in fire beetle spit.
The party explored house center, fell into pit traps, and ignored any drafty walls. Because, frankly, they were in enough trouble as is, and who wanted to go through a secret door?
The party eventually ran into 4 Boneshard skeletons. They exploded and, despite heroics of Aramil, Sarius died. For real this time. While pilfering through his things, Luusi found a last will and testament which included instructions on attempting a revival. Johannes the cat, for his part, chewed on Sarius’s collar.
The party carried the body back to Henkala, but not before dropping it in one of the spike pits. Ouch.
Henkala overjoyed at the defeat of the Elemental, stuffed Sarius back into his body for free. She also used up her resurrection salves.
Sarius fought off the resurrection sickness, but just barely. There was some dry heaving.
The party went back to house center, and eventually found the throne room. A wrinkled wraith stat on the throne room who “entertained” the adventurers with his endless stories of conquering the dwarves during the invasion of Blingdenstone. A Dark Figure was there, and advised the wrath to attack!
Sarius learned that poison damage does not work on creatures that are, technically speaking, already dead.
The dark figure disappeared, but not before blinding two adventurers.
A general melee ensued, but ended abruptly when Aaramil viciously stabbed the wraith.
“YEAH, NEW GUY” Luusi yelled as she stole the crown, and placed it on top of her head.
Luusi, using the power of the crown, put the remaining undead at peace.
For once in the last 100 years, the halls of House Center were eerily quiet


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