Drinking and Goblins

Not in Winterhaven Anymore

Advancement Notes:
Each Active Hero Gained 565xp
Total Party Gold was not transported to the strange realm.
Current Available Gold is 365, mostly in the form of emeralds and rubies

Current XP Total and Level:
Luusi: 4741, Level 4
Enna: 3477, Level 3
Wynter: 2756, Level 3
Storm: 3290, Level 3
Sarius: 5091, Level 4
Quill: 2300, Level 3
Kora: 2362, Level 3*

The (*) indicates that you have gone up a level. Please update your character accordingly.

Shield of Protection: This enchanted shield can be activated to provide you and an ally with magical protection for a short time. Power (Daily): Standard Action. You and an adjacent ally gain resist 10 to all damage until the end of your next turn.

Magic Rod +1: A standard rod, enchanted so as to channel arcane energy.

Boots of Spider Climbing: These enchanted boots enhance your ability to climb. Property: When you make an Athletics check to climb, you can climb at your normal speed instead of one-half your speed. Also the boots grant a daily power: Power (Daily): Move Action. On this move action, you move with a climb speed equal to your speed.

Cloak of Resistance +1: +1 to will, fortitude, and reflex defenses, Also the cloak grants a daily power: Power (Daily): Minor Action. Gain resist 5 to all damage until the start of your next turn.

Please divide accordingly.

Achievements Unlocked:
Not in Winterhaven Anymore: You have all traveled FAR from Winterhaven, perhaps to here.
Glimnock’s Gratitude: Glimnock is quite pleased that you didn’t destroy all the creatures in the
Contact with the Cowled Wizards: You made peaceful contact with the Cowled Wizards of Amn.

Decision Point:
The party is sitting between two ships. Captain Kloom is heading back to Skaug. However, the Amn Wizards have offered to deposit you in Waterdeep from where you would be able to find work. The Amn Wizards also have the ability to reverse the ritual, and send the party back to Winterhaven, should you so choose.

Adventure Notes:
Luusi swore that she took notes, but then, when reading everyone else’s, realized that she didn’t take notes.
Luusi is the only one who remembered Neko.
Sarius muttered “Oh, it’s because it was a cat.”
The heroes stumbled downstairs after a large party celebrating the closure the rift to Shadowfell
The heroes talked to Neko, but before any business could be conducted where transported to a… different, dingier tavern. Leaving all of their money behind.
Sarius was still holding a fork with a bite of potato when he materialized.
Angry at having missed breakfast, the party murdered 13 pirates before sitting down to a meal with Glimnock, who admitted responsibility for transporting the adventurers to their new location.
Sarius realized that he was near an ocean and became preemptively sick at the prospect of sailing.
No one pronounced Glimnock’s name correctly, despite multiple attempts from the Gnome to correct everyone.
Glimnock hired the party to seek out a lost temple of Gond, and they would need a ship.
To secure a ship, Wyinter attempted to sell his body to a female captain.
He was rejected.
The party eventually met with a Cpt. Kloom and the ship “The Singing Star”. Although the ship was in disrepair, and the Captain was a drunkard, passage was secured. If the party could fix the ship.
Ship building Montage.
Wynter winked at Kora who rolled her eyes
Kloom sang a pirate song as they sailed to the temple.
After arriving at the temple, the party was sealed in the entry way by deceptively smart machines and their large hammers.
Glimnock kept offering advice at least 10 minutes after it was useful.
Luusi deactivated the temples defenses
Flooded with the memories of the Gondsmen in the inner temple, the heroes were able to manipulate a machine to open a large treasure trove of Gond-ish materials. Glimnock was delighted.
Sarious cast a floating disc and the party floated out of the temple in style, leaving Glimnock to row back to Captain Kloom’s ship.
Wynter never got his parrot.


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