Drinking and Goblins

Stage Misdirection

Advancement Notes:
Each Active Hero Gained 560xp

Additional Role-play Award Bonuses
Enna received the most votes and receives a +100 xp bonus.

Current Available Gold: 1038

Current XP Total and Level:
Luusi: 5911, Level 5*
Enna: 4137, Level 4*
Wynter: 3926, Level 4*
Storm: 4460, Level 4
Sarius: 5091, Level 4
Quill: 2300, Level 3
Kora: 3532, Level 3

The (*) indicates that you have gone up a level. Please update your character accordingly.

None found.

Achievements Unlocked:
A Bigger Plot?: There is a strong sense that Rauven Dare has certain dealings with… nefarious creatures. He should be watched.
Didn’t he… in Winterhaven?: While visiting the Downshadow, the group spies some random graffiti “Kalarel died here”. Maybe there are two people named Kalarel, maybe not.

Adventure Notes:
It’s theater season in Waterdeep. Even though the hottest play in town (the Ballad of Jain and Elloe) is sold out, Luusi manages to wrangle tickets out of Pela. True to form adventurers started off by attempting to scalp their earned tickets to the hardworking peasants of Waterdeep, and they were able to find willing takers.

Dnd the theater

Religion is a big deal to Wynter, and he attempted to proselytize the unwashed masses to Kord, a deity strength, battle, and courage. He receives only vacant nervous stares from the more civilized folk.

The group managed to sneak in to the theater, and before the apex of the play, one of the actors collapsed. The crowd went wild, and became violent.

The heroes managed to calm the peasants by disabling some interlopers (Wynter, Storm, et al) and playing a lute on stage (Enna).

Dn d enna

The Waterdeep Watch showed up, rounded up the usual suspects, and charged everyone with assault.

The heroes were hired by Cyrus Stonearm to find out who disrupted the play and after a quick investigation (including a visit to the downshadow and quick chase), the heroes uncovered a cult worshiping Asmodeus operating on the second floor of the Drunken Bard Nightclub.

After a brief battle with some cultists and demons, the Waterdeep Watch appeared and charged everyone (who was left) with assault.

A shadowy figure walked out of the darkness, and was not charged or taken away by the City watch. As Regent Rauvin Dare noted, sometimes it’s good to be evil. When questioned, the city watch officer in charge noted that devil worship in Waterdeep is not a crime…


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