Drinking and Goblins

The Case of the Missing Sextant

Advancement Notes:
Each Active Hero Gained 560xp

Additional Role-play Award Bonuses
Storm – Best Arm wrestling moves – 50xp
Luusi – Revealing part of her back story – 50xp
Wynter – Throwing himself out a window – 50xp
Kora – Acting through her magical cat – 50xp

Current Available Gold is 635 (+300 from Geth, -30 for food, bribes, and lodging)

Current XP Total and Level:
Luusi: 5351, Level 4
Enna: 3477, Level 3
Wynter: 3366, Level 3
Storm: 3900, Level 4*
Sarius: 5091, Level 4
Quill: 2300, Level 3
Kora: 2972, Level 3

The (*) indicates that you have gone up a level. Please update your character accordingly.

Exalted chainmail + 1: Clerics, bards, and warlords often seek out exalted armor because of its properties that improve their healing powers . +1 to AC. Additional Daily Power: Minor Action. Until the end of your turn, each character healed by one of your encounter powers or daily powers regains additional hit points equal to 1d10 + your Charisma modifier.

Cloak of resistance + 2: This crimson-hemmed cloak can be activated to provide minor resistance to all attacks. +2 to Will, Fortitutde, and Reflex. Also the cloak grants a daily power: Power (Daily): Minor Action. Gain resist 5 to all damage until the start of your next turn. This cloak does not stack with any amulets.
Unclaimed (I think)

Lightning Executioner’s Axe + 1: +1 to hit and damage. Your damage can be lightning or normal. The axe also grants a Daily power: Free Action. Use this power when you hit with the weapon. The target and each enemy within 2 squares of the target take 1d6 lightning damage.
Claimed by Wynter.

All unclaimed items are up for grabs or can be sold at the group’s discretion.

Achievements Unlocked:
Favor from House Moonstar: You saved the house from total ruin (real or imagined) they might be willing to help in a tight spot.
City Watch: The city watch is pleased at the apprehension of criminal ultimately responsible for the crime. Kerri Littlefield, a watchperson in the trade ward has taken notice.
Criminal Connections?: Luusi met with an old friend, Pela, both seemed to have led less than honest lives.

Adventure Notes:
The Wizards of Amn quickly dropped the part off at pier 54.
Glimnock enthusiastically waved goodbye to the party, the party did not reciprocate.
The city watch explained the rules of the city, and provided everyone with handouts and a very tiny map.
Storm read the laws, looked at the party, read the laws again and thought it best that the party should not enter the city.
There are no lawyers in Waterdeep
“Ungh. It’s probably illegal” became the mantra of the entire group.
Wynter had problems dealing with the crowded streets and was pick pocketed.
After a rousing lunch (including pancakes, a couple of birds, and some 9.8% ale) the party met with Geth, who requested that they find a missing sextant from house Moonstar.
Luusi, a rogue and thief, needed to be briefed on how expensive stolen items are sold.
The party traveled through several bars and meeting places to track down a fence.
Wynter (I think) won a dart game
Storm arm wrestled an Orc for information
Kora had her cat sneak around the bar and butter up the owners
Luusi attempted to use her female wiles for information
The party eventually broke down and used bribes
Luusi knew Pela, a thief who was passed out from drinking. No one questioned how she knew this individual. There was talk of the “Ruby incident”.
The party rescued a couple of nobles, Ran Grifstone and Dala Silmerhelve, that found themselves on the wrong side of town after dark. The party actually worked together to scare off the drunken sailors.
The party followed to the trail to a thief’s den in a boot store and quickly dispatched the thieves.
PLOT POINT: Luusi found a note “Everything is going according to plan, continue to search for more portals –K”
The thieves led the party to “The Quiet Rest”, where they apprehended the criminal who had the sextant.
In an awesome act, Wynter threw himself out a window to catch the thieves before they escaped.
Wynter did not find a prostitute or parrot.
Kora avoided getting hit for the entire adventure.


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