Drinking and Goblins

The Final Countdown

Advancement Notes:
Each Active Hero Gained 672xp
All Heroes gained 125xp for sealing the rift
Total Party Gold increased by 961 to 2822.3gp
Restock and management fees were 122.3gp
Total gold available: 2700gp

Current XP Totals and Levels:
Luusi: 4176, Level 4*
Enna: 3477, Level 3
Wynter: 2251, Level 3*
Storm: 2725, Level 3
Sarius: 4526, Level 4*
Quill: 2300, Level 3*
Kora: 1797, Level 2

The (*) indicates that you have gone up a level. Please update your character accordingly.

Plus 2 Hand Crossbow (Luusi)
Plus 2 Elven Cloak (Enna)
Kalarel’s Journal
Bracers of Mighty Striking (Plus 2 melee damage)
Bracers of Perfect Shot (Plus 2 ranged attack Damage)
The bracers are, as of yet, unassigned. Interest heroes should lobby the group accordingly.

Party Adds/Drops:
Storm the Dragonborn and Winter-with-a-Y were MIA
Kora the almost-demon-warlock appeared

Action Notes
Your DM is currently eating Ramen Noodles in a Hotel room.
Everything was much more difficult without a leading guard of swordsmen.
Kora introduced herself as “a fucking demon”. Saris dusted off his lapel while everyone else rolled their eyes.
The party might have missed a few things in the dungeon.
Kora’s cat buttered up to Quill.
Kora had met with Splug before adventuring to the keep.
The Cat, Johannes, was able to scout out a room before everyone entered. Quite clever.
The party assaulted a room using a stander pincer movement. However, all of the healers went to one side leaving Lussi and Enna very alone with some bat like creatures.
Enna reiterated her fear of bats.
Sarius dropped all pretense of being a classy wizard and started aiming for monsters genitalia.
Kora fell through a 30 foot hole to meet Kalarel.
An epic battle ensued where the rift to the Shadowfell was sealed and Kalarel was defeated.
Kalarel’s body was dragged to the Shadowfell by “The Thing in the Portal”.
Upon return to Winterhaven a feast was prepared and the celebration in the Raften Inn went long into the night.
During the party several of the townsfolk were staring at Kora
Quill recounted the party’s exploits to the crowd in epic format while Sarius stood behind her interrupting at various times to embellish his part in the tale.
The party went upstairs, drunk and tired, to sleep in gender appropriate rooms.

Always Sunny in Winterhaven

Advancement Notes:
Each Hero gained 520xp (Level increases will occur after finishing the keep)
Total Party Gold Increased by 392.7

Treasure/Interesting Items Picked up by the Party:
Plans for the invasion of Winterhave by the Hobgoblins and Undead (Sarius)
+1 Vicious Shortsword (Luusi)
+1 Thundering Greatbow (Enna)
Safewing Amulet (Sarius)
Relics from Sir Keegan’s Children (Wyinter)
A vial of flame that appears to have no fuel (Enna)

Party Adds/Drops:
Storm the Dragonborn was out with a cold.
The party met with Qill-the-Blarg (bard?) before heading down into the second level.

Adventure Notes:
Luusi attempted to feed poisoned berries to Quill during their initial meeting… for no apparent reason at all. Before the DM had to look up poisoning rules, Sarius-the-Wizard intervened “Wait, those are poisonous, right?”. Luusi glared at Sarius for spoiling what could have been great fun, while Quill stood there with her mouth agape upon realizing that her new friends were actively attempting to kill her.

It slowly sank in on the players that their heroic versions of themselves are strikingly close to the cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Despite furious searching through Enna-the-elf’s notes, the password to the second level could not be found. Luusi attempted to bluff her way through the soldiers with a daring “Uhhhh… um… we… are… a maintenance crew? No, wait, we are here to see Kalarel.”

It was later determined that passwords were for losers anyway, as the heroes cut their way through the soldiers and their pet spider with ease.

Quill made a hobgoblin so sad it died.

The party met a gelatinous cube who managed to engulf Enna, Quill, and Sarius. Quill was almost dissolved in a the cube’s stomach. Winter-with-a-Y defeated the creature but slicing off the corners of the creature causing structural instability. Everyone was slimed.

The heroes met with the Warchief and his hobgoblin guards. After defeating the warchief and his lackeys, Wynter cut off the Warchief’s head, and Sarius caused the head to float in front of the party. This gruesome totem emptied the second level of the keep of the remaining hobgoblins. As one of the grunts put it (during an exit interview with the DM) “they were not getting paid enough to die”.

Sarius s-l-o-w-l-y spelled his name to Quill, just in case this becomes one of her epic tales. Enna rolled her eyes.

First Basement of the Keep Complete

The adventurers have found themselves quite able to dispatch the goblins and zombies on the first floor of the keep. Now they venture forth, down to the second level, with only a vague idea of lies before them.

Despite writing down the password, the heroes are unable to remember the exact phrasing. While Sarius practices his mumbling (“Klaatu Barada N… Necktie… Neckturn… Nickel…”), Enna looks through her notes and Luusi practices her bluffing skills.


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