Drinking and Goblins

First Basement of the Keep Complete

The adventurers have found themselves quite able to dispatch the goblins and zombies on the first floor of the keep. Now they venture forth, down to the second level, with only a vague idea of lies before them.

Despite writing down the password, the heroes are unable to remember the exact phrasing. While Sarius practices his mumbling (“Klaatu Barada N… Necktie… Neckturn… Nickel…”), Enna looks through her notes and Luusi practices her bluffing skills.

Always Sunny in Winterhaven

Advancement Notes:
Each Hero gained 520xp (Level increases will occur after finishing the keep)
Total Party Gold Increased by 392.7

Treasure/Interesting Items Picked up by the Party:
Plans for the invasion of Winterhave by the Hobgoblins and Undead (Sarius)
+1 Vicious Shortsword (Luusi)
+1 Thundering Greatbow (Enna)
Safewing Amulet (Sarius)
Relics from Sir Keegan’s Children (Wyinter)
A vial of flame that appears to have no fuel (Enna)

Party Adds/Drops:
Storm the Dragonborn was out with a cold.
The party met with Qill-the-Blarg (bard?) before heading down into the second level.

Adventure Notes:
Luusi attempted to feed poisoned berries to Quill during their initial meeting… for no apparent reason at all. Before the DM had to look up poisoning rules, Sarius-the-Wizard intervened “Wait, those are poisonous, right?”. Luusi glared at Sarius for spoiling what could have been great fun, while Quill stood there with her mouth agape upon realizing that her new friends were actively attempting to kill her.

It slowly sank in on the players that their heroic versions of themselves are strikingly close to the cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Despite furious searching through Enna-the-elf’s notes, the password to the second level could not be found. Luusi attempted to bluff her way through the soldiers with a daring “Uhhhh… um… we… are… a maintenance crew? No, wait, we are here to see Kalarel.”

It was later determined that passwords were for losers anyway, as the heroes cut their way through the soldiers and their pet spider with ease.

Quill made a hobgoblin so sad it died.

The party met a gelatinous cube who managed to engulf Enna, Quill, and Sarius. Quill was almost dissolved in a the cube’s stomach. Winter-with-a-Y defeated the creature but slicing off the corners of the creature causing structural instability. Everyone was slimed.

The heroes met with the Warchief and his hobgoblin guards. After defeating the warchief and his lackeys, Wynter cut off the Warchief’s head, and Sarius caused the head to float in front of the party. This gruesome totem emptied the second level of the keep of the remaining hobgoblins. As one of the grunts put it (during an exit interview with the DM) “they were not getting paid enough to die”.

Sarius s-l-o-w-l-y spelled his name to Quill, just in case this becomes one of her epic tales. Enna rolled her eyes.

The Final Countdown

Advancement Notes:
Each Active Hero Gained 672xp
All Heroes gained 125xp for sealing the rift
Total Party Gold increased by 961 to 2822.3gp
Restock and management fees were 122.3gp
Total gold available: 2700gp

Current XP Totals and Levels:
Luusi: 4176, Level 4*
Enna: 3477, Level 3
Wynter: 2251, Level 3*
Storm: 2725, Level 3
Sarius: 4526, Level 4*
Quill: 2300, Level 3*
Kora: 1797, Level 2

The (*) indicates that you have gone up a level. Please update your character accordingly.

Plus 2 Hand Crossbow (Luusi)
Plus 2 Elven Cloak (Enna)
Kalarel’s Journal
Bracers of Mighty Striking (Plus 2 melee damage)
Bracers of Perfect Shot (Plus 2 ranged attack Damage)
The bracers are, as of yet, unassigned. Interest heroes should lobby the group accordingly.

Party Adds/Drops:
Storm the Dragonborn and Winter-with-a-Y were MIA
Kora the almost-demon-warlock appeared

Action Notes
Your DM is currently eating Ramen Noodles in a Hotel room.
Everything was much more difficult without a leading guard of swordsmen.
Kora introduced herself as “a fucking demon”. Saris dusted off his lapel while everyone else rolled their eyes.
The party might have missed a few things in the dungeon.
Kora’s cat buttered up to Quill.
Kora had met with Splug before adventuring to the keep.
The Cat, Johannes, was able to scout out a room before everyone entered. Quite clever.
The party assaulted a room using a stander pincer movement. However, all of the healers went to one side leaving Lussi and Enna very alone with some bat like creatures.
Enna reiterated her fear of bats.
Sarius dropped all pretense of being a classy wizard and started aiming for monsters genitalia.
Kora fell through a 30 foot hole to meet Kalarel.
An epic battle ensued where the rift to the Shadowfell was sealed and Kalarel was defeated.
Kalarel’s body was dragged to the Shadowfell by “The Thing in the Portal”.
Upon return to Winterhaven a feast was prepared and the celebration in the Raften Inn went long into the night.
During the party several of the townsfolk were staring at Kora
Quill recounted the party’s exploits to the crowd in epic format while Sarius stood behind her interrupting at various times to embellish his part in the tale.
The party went upstairs, drunk and tired, to sleep in gender appropriate rooms.

Not in Winterhaven Anymore

Advancement Notes:
Each Active Hero Gained 565xp
Total Party Gold was not transported to the strange realm.
Current Available Gold is 365, mostly in the form of emeralds and rubies

Current XP Total and Level:
Luusi: 4741, Level 4
Enna: 3477, Level 3
Wynter: 2756, Level 3
Storm: 3290, Level 3
Sarius: 5091, Level 4
Quill: 2300, Level 3
Kora: 2362, Level 3*

The (*) indicates that you have gone up a level. Please update your character accordingly.

Shield of Protection: This enchanted shield can be activated to provide you and an ally with magical protection for a short time. Power (Daily): Standard Action. You and an adjacent ally gain resist 10 to all damage until the end of your next turn.

Magic Rod +1: A standard rod, enchanted so as to channel arcane energy.

Boots of Spider Climbing: These enchanted boots enhance your ability to climb. Property: When you make an Athletics check to climb, you can climb at your normal speed instead of one-half your speed. Also the boots grant a daily power: Power (Daily): Move Action. On this move action, you move with a climb speed equal to your speed.

Cloak of Resistance +1: +1 to will, fortitude, and reflex defenses, Also the cloak grants a daily power: Power (Daily): Minor Action. Gain resist 5 to all damage until the start of your next turn.

Please divide accordingly.

Achievements Unlocked:
Not in Winterhaven Anymore: You have all traveled FAR from Winterhaven, perhaps to here.
Glimnock’s Gratitude: Glimnock is quite pleased that you didn’t destroy all the creatures in the
Contact with the Cowled Wizards: You made peaceful contact with the Cowled Wizards of Amn.

Decision Point:
The party is sitting between two ships. Captain Kloom is heading back to Skaug. However, the Amn Wizards have offered to deposit you in Waterdeep from where you would be able to find work. The Amn Wizards also have the ability to reverse the ritual, and send the party back to Winterhaven, should you so choose.

Adventure Notes:
Luusi swore that she took notes, but then, when reading everyone else’s, realized that she didn’t take notes.
Luusi is the only one who remembered Neko.
Sarius muttered “Oh, it’s because it was a cat.”
The heroes stumbled downstairs after a large party celebrating the closure the rift to Shadowfell
The heroes talked to Neko, but before any business could be conducted where transported to a… different, dingier tavern. Leaving all of their money behind.
Sarius was still holding a fork with a bite of potato when he materialized.
Angry at having missed breakfast, the party murdered 13 pirates before sitting down to a meal with Glimnock, who admitted responsibility for transporting the adventurers to their new location.
Sarius realized that he was near an ocean and became preemptively sick at the prospect of sailing.
No one pronounced Glimnock’s name correctly, despite multiple attempts from the Gnome to correct everyone.
Glimnock hired the party to seek out a lost temple of Gond, and they would need a ship.
To secure a ship, Wyinter attempted to sell his body to a female captain.
He was rejected.
The party eventually met with a Cpt. Kloom and the ship “The Singing Star”. Although the ship was in disrepair, and the Captain was a drunkard, passage was secured. If the party could fix the ship.
Ship building Montage.
Wynter winked at Kora who rolled her eyes
Kloom sang a pirate song as they sailed to the temple.
After arriving at the temple, the party was sealed in the entry way by deceptively smart machines and their large hammers.
Glimnock kept offering advice at least 10 minutes after it was useful.
Luusi deactivated the temples defenses
Flooded with the memories of the Gondsmen in the inner temple, the heroes were able to manipulate a machine to open a large treasure trove of Gond-ish materials. Glimnock was delighted.
Sarious cast a floating disc and the party floated out of the temple in style, leaving Glimnock to row back to Captain Kloom’s ship.
Wynter never got his parrot.

The Case of the Missing Sextant

Advancement Notes:
Each Active Hero Gained 560xp

Additional Role-play Award Bonuses
Storm – Best Arm wrestling moves – 50xp
Luusi – Revealing part of her back story – 50xp
Wynter – Throwing himself out a window – 50xp
Kora – Acting through her magical cat – 50xp

Current Available Gold is 635 (+300 from Geth, -30 for food, bribes, and lodging)

Current XP Total and Level:
Luusi: 5351, Level 4
Enna: 3477, Level 3
Wynter: 3366, Level 3
Storm: 3900, Level 4*
Sarius: 5091, Level 4
Quill: 2300, Level 3
Kora: 2972, Level 3

The (*) indicates that you have gone up a level. Please update your character accordingly.

Exalted chainmail + 1: Clerics, bards, and warlords often seek out exalted armor because of its properties that improve their healing powers . +1 to AC. Additional Daily Power: Minor Action. Until the end of your turn, each character healed by one of your encounter powers or daily powers regains additional hit points equal to 1d10 + your Charisma modifier.

Cloak of resistance + 2: This crimson-hemmed cloak can be activated to provide minor resistance to all attacks. +2 to Will, Fortitutde, and Reflex. Also the cloak grants a daily power: Power (Daily): Minor Action. Gain resist 5 to all damage until the start of your next turn. This cloak does not stack with any amulets.
Unclaimed (I think)

Lightning Executioner’s Axe + 1: +1 to hit and damage. Your damage can be lightning or normal. The axe also grants a Daily power: Free Action. Use this power when you hit with the weapon. The target and each enemy within 2 squares of the target take 1d6 lightning damage.
Claimed by Wynter.

All unclaimed items are up for grabs or can be sold at the group’s discretion.

Achievements Unlocked:
Favor from House Moonstar: You saved the house from total ruin (real or imagined) they might be willing to help in a tight spot.
City Watch: The city watch is pleased at the apprehension of criminal ultimately responsible for the crime. Kerri Littlefield, a watchperson in the trade ward has taken notice.
Criminal Connections?: Luusi met with an old friend, Pela, both seemed to have led less than honest lives.

Adventure Notes:
The Wizards of Amn quickly dropped the part off at pier 54.
Glimnock enthusiastically waved goodbye to the party, the party did not reciprocate.
The city watch explained the rules of the city, and provided everyone with handouts and a very tiny map.
Storm read the laws, looked at the party, read the laws again and thought it best that the party should not enter the city.
There are no lawyers in Waterdeep
“Ungh. It’s probably illegal” became the mantra of the entire group.
Wynter had problems dealing with the crowded streets and was pick pocketed.
After a rousing lunch (including pancakes, a couple of birds, and some 9.8% ale) the party met with Geth, who requested that they find a missing sextant from house Moonstar.
Luusi, a rogue and thief, needed to be briefed on how expensive stolen items are sold.
The party traveled through several bars and meeting places to track down a fence.
Wynter (I think) won a dart game
Storm arm wrestled an Orc for information
Kora had her cat sneak around the bar and butter up the owners
Luusi attempted to use her female wiles for information
The party eventually broke down and used bribes
Luusi knew Pela, a thief who was passed out from drinking. No one questioned how she knew this individual. There was talk of the “Ruby incident”.
The party rescued a couple of nobles, Ran Grifstone and Dala Silmerhelve, that found themselves on the wrong side of town after dark. The party actually worked together to scare off the drunken sailors.
The party followed to the trail to a thief’s den in a boot store and quickly dispatched the thieves.
PLOT POINT: Luusi found a note “Everything is going according to plan, continue to search for more portals –K”
The thieves led the party to “The Quiet Rest”, where they apprehended the criminal who had the sextant.
In an awesome act, Wynter threw himself out a window to catch the thieves before they escaped.
Wynter did not find a prostitute or parrot.
Kora avoided getting hit for the entire adventure.

Stage Misdirection

Advancement Notes:
Each Active Hero Gained 560xp

Additional Role-play Award Bonuses
Enna received the most votes and receives a +100 xp bonus.

Current Available Gold: 1038

Current XP Total and Level:
Luusi: 5911, Level 5*
Enna: 4137, Level 4*
Wynter: 3926, Level 4*
Storm: 4460, Level 4
Sarius: 5091, Level 4
Quill: 2300, Level 3
Kora: 3532, Level 3

The (*) indicates that you have gone up a level. Please update your character accordingly.

None found.

Achievements Unlocked:
A Bigger Plot?: There is a strong sense that Rauven Dare has certain dealings with… nefarious creatures. He should be watched.
Didn’t he… in Winterhaven?: While visiting the Downshadow, the group spies some random graffiti “Kalarel died here”. Maybe there are two people named Kalarel, maybe not.

Adventure Notes:
It’s theater season in Waterdeep. Even though the hottest play in town (the Ballad of Jain and Elloe) is sold out, Luusi manages to wrangle tickets out of Pela. True to form adventurers started off by attempting to scalp their earned tickets to the hardworking peasants of Waterdeep, and they were able to find willing takers.

Dnd the theater

Religion is a big deal to Wynter, and he attempted to proselytize the unwashed masses to Kord, a deity strength, battle, and courage. He receives only vacant nervous stares from the more civilized folk.

The group managed to sneak in to the theater, and before the apex of the play, one of the actors collapsed. The crowd went wild, and became violent.

The heroes managed to calm the peasants by disabling some interlopers (Wynter, Storm, et al) and playing a lute on stage (Enna).

Dn d enna

The Waterdeep Watch showed up, rounded up the usual suspects, and charged everyone with assault.

The heroes were hired by Cyrus Stonearm to find out who disrupted the play and after a quick investigation (including a visit to the downshadow and quick chase), the heroes uncovered a cult worshiping Asmodeus operating on the second floor of the Drunken Bard Nightclub.

After a brief battle with some cultists and demons, the Waterdeep Watch appeared and charged everyone (who was left) with assault.

A shadowy figure walked out of the darkness, and was not charged or taken away by the City watch. As Regent Rauvin Dare noted, sometimes it’s good to be evil. When questioned, the city watch officer in charge noted that devil worship in Waterdeep is not a crime…

Episode 11: Getting there is Half the Fun

Advancement Notes:
Everyone Gained 628xp due to calendar issues

Additional Role-play Award Bonuses
Sarius Received the most Votes (+100 xp)

Current Available Gold: 157
Most has been spent on healing potions. All the wealth is in gold pieces.

Current XP Total and Level:
Luusi: 6539, Level 5
Sarius: 5891, Level 5*
Storm: 5088, Level 4
Enna: 4765, Level 4
Wynter: 4554, Level 4
Kora: 4160, Level 4*
Quill: 2928, Level 3

The (*) indicates that you have gone up a level. Please update your character accordingly.

None found. Sarius had an opportunity to field strip a robes +1 off a dead comrade, but instead, like a gentleman, let the dead remain undisturbed. No haunting dreams for him.

Achievements unlocked:
Blingdenstone: The adventures have made the grueling march to Blingdenstone to render aid.
Trusting: The characters operate in a dark and scary world and there are those that might not tell the truth. Use of the insight skill can help tell a lie from fact.
New Monsters: The party met and defeated their first band of orcs, a mimic, and a squad of drugar (kicking them out counts as a win).

Adventure Notes:
Enna had visions about Blingdenstone.
Sarius had recently attended a wizard-ing conference, he now “understands” magic missile.
Luusi attempted to talk to the city watch, but after receiving thanks for all of the previous adventures, she starred at the officers and slowly walked away.
The party met with two gnomish merchants, who hired them to guard a convoy all the way to Blingdenstone.
Sarius burnt a bagel and nonchalantly attempted to scrape off the burned section.
The party stopped by KEVEN’S HEALTH POTION IMPORIUM to purchase wares for adventure ahead.
Before leaving both Enna and Luusi danced through the center of Waterdeep. They drew mild applause.
Upon leaving out the west gate, the crew met Clyde Moltenquartz, and another adventuring group, the Fiery Kings.
The Fiery Kings consist of Alrich, Behana, Thohorn, and Ravahana.
There was marching. So much marching.
Ravahana can’t talk, but why?
3 hours from their destination, the group came across a downed tree that blocked their path forward.
Clyde ordered Enna and Ravahana to scout around the convoy. While scouting, they happened upon a giant creature.
Using her powerful skills, Enna managed to dispatch of the beast.
Ravahana sliced off the creatures head and carried it back to Clyde. Clyde identified the beast as an Orc.
Enna healed Ravahana.
The convoy was able to set up a defensive position, and prepare for the orc assault. The party was able dispatch of most of the orcs, however, Alrich, Behana, 2 dwarves, and Thohorn died.
The convoy went underground through a giant elevator
While scanning the elevator shaft, Luusi spied a penis that was carved in to the rock.
On the final leg of the journey, a long abandoned tower was found to be… not so abandoned. Clyde sent the party out for a look.
Despite several attempts at trickery, the party was unable to get the Drugar to leave outright, the party had to figure out what was eating the Drugar.
Sarius first noticed that there were little shoes next to the suit of armor. Inside the shoes were little Drugar feet.
The party faced off against a classic D&D Monster called a Mimic, and still managed to win.
The monster dispatched, the Drugar left, and the party completed its journey to Blingdenstone.

And Luusi found a soup pot.

Episode 12: Blinging-in-Blingdenstone

Advancement Notes:
Everyone Active player gained 443xp from Orcs, defeating the Elemental, and the occasional bit of roleplaying. Yes. In this universe, mere talking can advance your character.

Additional Role-play Award Bonuses:
No votes were received for role-play bonus awards

Current Available Gold: 205
All the wealth is in gold pieces. Since you completed the escort (but forgot to mention the status of Blingdenstone) you are currently owed 200gp (instead of 400gp) from the gnomes in Waterdeep, several days away. Hope they decide to pay it promptly.

Current XP Total and Level:
Luusi: 6982, Level 5
Sarius: 6162, Level 5
Storm: 5531, Level 5*
Enna: 5208, Level 4
Wynter: 4997, Level 4
Kora: 4603, Level 4
Quill: 2928, Level 3

The (*) indicates that you have gone up a level. Please update your character accordingly.

None found. (But you guys are getting close!)

Achievements unlocked:
Defeating the Elemental: The dwarves of Blingdenstone rest slightly easier now that the evil elemental has been defeated. (Dwarf Morale +2)
Pechs have a home: The wispy creatures and the dwarves have decided to tolerate each other… hope the peace lasts. (Dwarf Morale +1)
You’re not all bad: The adventurers decided to help and stay, even without the promise of payment. Maybe light can be restored to the world after all.
Living World: The dwarves are pretty hard up. If morale drops too far the dwarves will abandon Blingdenstone, leaving you to fight the darkness on your own. Orcs might have a “morale” as well, as much as those creatures could.

Adventure Notes:
Before going in to the main section of Blingdenstone, the adventures passed by a broken magic store where they spied an old lady Henkala
The adventurers met with the Burrow Warden, Kargien Dissengulp. Who suggested he get the crown from “House Center”. Because, you know, it would be good for all the dwarves. Not just Kargien, who would get to keep it.
Wynter and or Storm dismissed/insulted the Dwarven guards (Dwarf Morale -1)
After meeting with Kargien the party moved and met Henkala in the Phantasmal Glimmers.
An old lady by trade, Henkala offered advice on dealing with the elemental, and the crown.
IF the adventurers defeat the elemental, they would earn her admiration. But what is THAT worth? (Money? Maybe we should go talk to her, but if she had money why would she be in a dumpy building)
There was more talking walking around. Discussions with the Pechs and Kargien.
Kora sent her cat to go look at “House Center” and discussed it with the dwarves manning the barricade. No one goes in or out of “House Center” not even the orcs.
There was so much talking and so little fighting that Enna (silently) considered using a Dwarf (or Sarius) for target practice.
Enna remembered she was good and slowly unloaded her bow. No deaths. THIS TIME.
The party eventually accepted the help of the Pechs, and escorted them to the cave of the elemental.
On the way there, the party ambushed an Orc raiding party. Only 50 some more to go.
After hacking the Orcs to pieces the party continued forward to the “Hall of Miners”.
The Pechs formed a shield around the adventures.
A giant creature formed out of the dust and rocks in the room. Gravel begins flying around the room. If it wasn’t for the protective ward, the adventures would have been doomed.
“So… in order to attack this creature with my sword, I would have to step outside the ward?” Storm asked. “It appears so” the universe said, checking its notes. Storm sighed a terrible sigh, lifted his shield to protect his face, and leapt outside the ward to attack.
Storm was pelted by flying rocks, but managed to survive.
Midway through the battle, two bugbears and a mysterious dark figure appeared. The figure started shooting arrows at the ward while the bugbears charged in on Luusi.
Luusi was bashed twice and crumpled to the ground, barely clinging to life.
12.7-Luusi Died
Wynter leapt back and fed a health potion to Lussi.
The elemental was slain, the bugbears defeated, and the mysterious dark figure faded into the darkness.

Episode 13: Scrabble Break

The team broke for a quick game of scrabble.


Episode 14: Death on a Stick

Advancement Notes:
Everyone Active player gained 811xp from zombies, fire beetles, exploding skeletons, traps, innovative thinking, and the occasional bit of role playing. Sarius lost 100xp to death.

Current Available Gold: 564
All the wealth is in gold pieces, opals, and an amethyst. Since you completed the escort you are currently owed 200gp from the gnomes in Waterdeep, still several days away. Hope they decide to pay it promptly.

Current XP Total and Level:
Luusi: 7693, Level 6*
Sarius: 6973, Level 5
Storm: 5531, Level 5
Kora: 5501, Level 5*
Enna: 5208, Level 4
Wynter: 4997, Level 4
Aramil: 4561, Level 4
Quill: 2928, Level 3

The (*) indicates that you have gone up a level. Please update your character accordingly.

+2 Bastard Sword of Frost – Currently Unclaimed
Critical: +1d6 cold damage per plus
Power (At-Will Cold): Free Action. All damage dealt by this weapon is cold damage. Another free action returns the damage to normal.
Power (Daily Cold): Free Action. Use this power when you hit with the weapon. The target takes an extra 1d8 cold damage and is slowed until the end of your next turn.

Achievements unlocked:
Someone Died: The heroes experienced death first hand, Henkala does not have the ability to raise another. Most healing spells are a minor action, so you can move heal and then attack. Useful information for the future. For the rest of the campaign, death will be a bit more permanent.
Long live the Queen: The party acquired the crown from the undead wraith in House Center. Now, what to do with it? [+2 Dwarven Morale]
Cats and counting: Cats can’t count.

Adventure Notes:
Welcome to Aramil. No poisonings so far, so best of luck!
Aramil has a history, and he is here because he heard that the Drow were acting to stop the reconstruction of Blingdenstone.
The heroes followed the Dark figure through a series of wandering twisty passages. Several party members were able to track the figure’s foot prints.
The passages led to house center, and the footprints were lost on the stone pathway leading in to the former keep.
“What could possibly go wrong?” stated Kora dryly as she sensed necrotic magic leading up to the temple.
At that moment, 4 giant dead eyed Orcs shambled out of the shadows and moved in on the group.
With a sly flourish, Luusi continued to shoot arrows as the closest zombie orc.
Kora and Aramil held the front, and noticed that these creatures slowly froze any hero that got close. Aramil eventually grabbed Kora and teleported away from the frozen zombies.
Aramil spent an inordinate amount of time describing how the teleportation felt pleasant.
The zombies contained an opal each. Small opals are worth 25gp.
After searching the zombies, Kora sent the Johannes-the-cat in the entryway to investigate. The cat returned and reported that there were more than one and less than one hundred creatures in the door way.
The party easily dispatched the beetles in the entry way. Everyone found out that beetle fire glands can be used as torches. One of those neat things held over from older D&D versions. Luusi got covered in fire beetle spit.
The party explored house center, fell into pit traps, and ignored any drafty walls. Because, frankly, they were in enough trouble as is, and who wanted to go through a secret door?
The party eventually ran into 4 Boneshard skeletons. They exploded and, despite heroics of Aramil, Sarius died. For real this time. While pilfering through his things, Luusi found a last will and testament which included instructions on attempting a revival. Johannes the cat, for his part, chewed on Sarius’s collar.
The party carried the body back to Henkala, but not before dropping it in one of the spike pits. Ouch.
Henkala overjoyed at the defeat of the Elemental, stuffed Sarius back into his body for free. She also used up her resurrection salves.
Sarius fought off the resurrection sickness, but just barely. There was some dry heaving.
The party went back to house center, and eventually found the throne room. A wrinkled wraith stat on the throne room who “entertained” the adventurers with his endless stories of conquering the dwarves during the invasion of Blingdenstone. A Dark Figure was there, and advised the wrath to attack!
Sarius learned that poison damage does not work on creatures that are, technically speaking, already dead.
The dark figure disappeared, but not before blinding two adventurers.
A general melee ensued, but ended abruptly when Aaramil viciously stabbed the wraith.
“YEAH, NEW GUY” Luusi yelled as she stole the crown, and placed it on top of her head.
Luusi, using the power of the crown, put the remaining undead at peace.
For once in the last 100 years, the halls of House Center were eerily quiet


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